We live on a small sailboat with a small wood fire. Soon we will be heading north and we have found your product to be absolutely fantastic! At the moment, we just get your logs from ACE hardware but as we move into more remote areas, we are wondering about being able to locate bio blocks. We are wondering if you have any online distributors? Hope you have a great day and keep up your great product!

BIO BLOCKS Response: It’s great to hear that you are enjoying burning BIO BLOCKS on your sailboat. I would recommend continuing to purchase them from Ace Hardware stores on your sailing route.  BIO BLOCKS can be ordered online at www.acehardware.com and picked up at any store. If you know what town you will be sailing to, possibly you could place your order online and just pick it up at the Ace store when you arrive.  It’s always an option to order on Ace’s website and have them ship BIO BLOCKS to you.

BIO BLOCK Products are also available at other retail locations. Go to our Where to Buy page to locate stores that stock BIO BLOCKS. https://bio-blocks.com/where-to-buy-bio-block-firewood/



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