As we head into Labor Day weekend, it’s good to pause and remember the contributions that men and women make every day. Their efforts in the workplace give us products and services that we rely on to make our lives easier. For example, BIO BLOCK Firewood, is a product that more and more people rely on because it is cleaner, and more convenient to burn than firewood. 

BIO BLOCK Production

I’d like to give a shout-out to Gary, the man that keeps the production of BIO BLOCKS running smoothly at Summit Wood Industries. In the fall, I’m usually asked the question, “so are you starting to make BIO BLOCKS now?” Well, I wouldn’t necessarily say we are starting! Our presses run year-round to produce BIO BLOCKS.

Gary oversees sawdust procurement, production and shipping. Our employees also deserve to be recognized for their hard work packaging our products. Together they work every day to make sure that you have BIO BLOCKS to build your campfires, bake your pizzas, or heat your home when winter weather arrives. 
In today’s environment, where so many companies do not have enough workers, let’s remember to thank the many hard workers that make our lives better, not only this weekend, but every day!

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