Celebrate the 4th with an Outdoor Fire

An outdoor fire is a perfect way to celebrate the 4th of July! Whether it's in your fire pit at home, or at a campground, sitting around a fire is so relaxing! As the sun goes down, and the crickets start chirping, a fire is a natural gathering place for friends and...

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Grill with BIO BLOCK Firewood

As the weather heats up in May, so do the grills! Interest in outdoor cooking, and grilling, is an area that continues to grow with consumers. Why do people grill?

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Compressed Sawdust Logs vs. Wood Pellets

BIO BLOCKS are much like a large wood pellet, however, they are more versatile! A special stove is not required to burn compressed wood blocks. BIO BLOCKS can be used in your current wood stove, wood burning fireplace, or insert. When you burn BIO BLOCKS….

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