Campfires and camping go together like apple pie and ice cream! I can’t imagine going camping without sitting around a campfire at night.  There is something very relaxing about watching the flickering flames from a campfire. The stars and moon are shining overhead, crickets are chirping and birds are singing.

Due to the COVID pandemic, there are more first time campers then ever before. RV sales have sky rocketed during the last year. “What RV manufacturers and suppliers have accomplished over the past year is nothing short of incredible. And our new forecast shows the industry will continue its record-breaking streak through the rest of the year,” said RV Industry Association President and CEO Craig Kirby. “Even with other types of travel returning, the demand for RVs continues to climb as people want to get outdoors and experience the joy of an active outdoor lifestyle alongside friends and family.”

My favorite camping activity is having a fire! Dry wood is essential to build and light a campfire. It can be extremely frustrating to light a fire with wet firewood! BIO BLOCKS can be combined with traditional wood. Adding blocks will help the fire to burn hotter and longer. You can also build a fire using only BIO BLOCKS. The best way to light a fire safely is to use kindling or a fire starter. Pouring gas or lighter fluid on wood can be potentially dangerous and is not worth the risk of an accident.

The organization Don’t Move Firewood has a convenient map on their website to see where there are federal or state restrictions for transporting firewood. This organization does a great job to increase public awareness of the affects that moving contaminated firewood has on trees. Invasive species, such as the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) can hitchhike on firewood that is transported into campgrounds. One of their taglines is Buy it where you burn it! While this is true for firewood, BIO BLOCKS may be transported across state and county lines because it is made of kiln-dried hardwoods. I have spoken with campers who keep a few packs in their RV so they always have dry wood.

A quick Google search for favorite camping activities will give different results. After hiking, kayaking, swimming and enjoying other outdoor activities, the campfire is the gathering place for family and friends. It is around the fire that stories are shared, meals are cooked, games are played and memories are made.




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