As the nights get cooler, a fire pit is the perfect solution to enjoy your time outside! Although firewood has been used for many years in fire pits, biomass such as BIO BLOCKS, are an Eco-friendly option for wood fuel. There are several advantages to burning compressed sawdust blocks in a fire pit. The first advantage is that BIO BLOCKS are always dry! If you have ever tried to start a fire with unseasoned, wet wood, you know how difficult that is!

The second advantage is that BIO BLOCKS are made of seasoned hardwood sawdust. In many areas of the country, it is dry, and there are guidelines on when to burn. Because BIO BLOCKS are made of kiln-dried hardwood sawdust, they will not spark, like firewood, which decreases the chance of starting an accidental fire. Burning in a fire pit is the safest way to enjoy an outdoor fire.

Thirdly, BIO BLOCK Firewood does not contain chemicals. Marshmallows, hot dogs and other foods can be cooked over a BIO BLOCK Fire.

Finally, BIO BLOCKS are an Eco-friendly option for fuel. In a smaller fire pit, they will provide enough heat and ambiance to enjoy an evening of fire. Traditional wood and BIO BLOCKS can be combined to create a bigger fire in a large fire pit. If the wood is not totally dry, adding BIO BLOCKS is one way to dry the wood and make a fire burn longer!

If you don’t have a fire pit, one of the ideas in this blog may inspire you to build one! Fire pit designs can be simple and functional, or more involved. Whatever style you prefer, fire pits invite you to sit and unwind for a while!

With a little planning, a well designed fire pit, and BIO BLOCK Firewood, you have the perfect combination to enjoy your time outside!





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