Do you need fuel for a mini wood burning stove in an RV, boat, or tiny house? BIO BLOCKS are an ideal size for a small wood stove. Each fuel block is 2 1/2″ x 6″ x 3 5/8″ and weighs 1.92 lbs. I received an email from a woman, from California, who was thrilled to have discovered BIO BLOCKS. She wrote the following testimonial:


“I am delighted with your BIO BLOCKS! I recently installed a Cubic Mini Wood Stove in a tiny RV and have tried various solid fuel products in the last few months. By far, BIO BLOCKS work best! They are easy to handle, the perfect size, clean and chemical free. One block provides 2 plus hours of beautiful heat, and they are the only product that doesn’t cover the stove’s glass door with soot, so watching those lovely flames is an added bonus. Thanks for a great product!”

The best part about my job is hearing from satisfied customers around the country. I never thought about burning BIO BLOCKS in a wood stove, on a boat, until a sailor called to tell me that he discovered BIO BLOCKS!

In addition to a block being the perfect size, the pack is too! Each pack contains 12 blocks and is flat, making it easy to stack, or slide under a seat, in a small area. The packs are 11″ x 12″ and are 5″ high.


The camper who submitted the above testimonial also said that the challenge of lighting is overcome with a handful of hot charcoal…just place the block on top and close the door for a perfect fire! This is an option if a BIO BLOCK Fire Starter is not available to you.


A small area, such as an RV or tiny house, is no place for offensive odors! Because BIO BLOCKS are chemical free, you’ll only get a whiff of wood burning when you open the stove door. Remember, BIO BLOCKS may not look like traditional firewood but they are made of 100% kiln-dried hardwood sawdust!

Whether your wood burning stove is mini or large, BIO BLOCK Fuel will give you more time to relax this winter, instead of cutting firewood.



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