Outdoor cooking and campfires were included as popular activities in several reports that studied camping patterns in the United States. The following camping items were listed as essential and ranked in importance as: 1) A tent  2) sleeping bags  3) firewood and starters.

Moving firewood is restricted at many campgrounds and parks, due to the Emerald Ash Borer, and other invasive species damaging trees. The Don’t Move Firewood Organization produced a map, with information on restrictions by regions. This map is a great tool to use as you plan your trip.  dontmovefirewood.org/map It is still possible to enjoy a campfire, in spite of these restrictions, by planning ahead. Before leaving home, pick up a few packs of BIO BLOCK Firewood to take along to your destination. Compressed sawdust blocks are Eco-friendly. They can be transported without concern of spreading invasive insects. The packs are easy to stack in an RV.

The low moisture content of BIO BLOCKS, also means that it will not spark like traditional firewood. This makes it possible to enjoy a fire without constantly moving your chairs to avoid sparks!  BIO BLOCK Firewood does not contain chemicals or binders. This makes it ideal for outdoor cooking.

It is easy to light a campfire with BIO BLOCK Fire Starters. The starter is made of 100% recycled Cedar sawdust and wax.

Make time this summer to enjoy nature, listen to the birds sing, and smell the aroma of delicious food cooking. Sharing stories and laughter around a fire, whether it’s on your patio or at a campground, is one of the best ways to relax and unwind!

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