“The use of cordwood and wood pellets as the primary residential space heating fuel has increased by 33% since 2005, to about 2.6 million households in 2014. About 8% of households use wood as a secondary source of heat, making wood second only to electricity as a supplemental heating fuel.”   https://www.eia.gov/outlooks/steo/

Heating with wood is gaining in popularity. However, it can be challenging to find seasoned firewood at a reasonable price. Sometimes consumers think there is a problem with the stove that they purchased. The problem could be they are burning wood that was not properly seasoned. This can create a creosote mess in the stove and a low BTU output. After extensive research, The University of Buffalo reports BIO BLOCK Firewood has an 8% moisture content. Traditional firewood is considered seasoned at 20%. Because BIO BLOCK wood is dry, it burns hot and clean, creating minimal ash. This makes BIO BLOCK Firewood an attractive alternative to traditional firewood.

If you cut and split your own firewood, it can be a challenge to have the time and energy to process sufficient wood for the season. In some parts of the country, the heating season can last six months. BIO BLOCKS may be combined with firewood or burned alone. Purchasing BIO BLOCK Firewood gives you time to pursue other activities that you enjoy.

If wood is your primary source of heat, or if you just have an occasional fire, BIO BLOCKS will keep your family warm during the upcoming heating season.

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