We cut down our own firewood (trimming our trees) but never realized how quickly we would burn through it. Storing was a major issue and some of the wood got wet and rotted. We also don’t have a lot of interior space at our off-grid cottage. Bugs from firewood are a problem since we have termites here. I started researching alternative heating for our wood stove to see what was available. Cost wise we don’t have a lot of money. I looked at all of the big box stores, then Amazon. I found a BioBlock package for $28 shipped through Amazon. We realized it was not sustainable, simply not affordable. I scanned down the reviews and saw someone mentioned that Ace Hardware actually was selling the 12 blocks for $6.99. I immediately went onto their website and ordered 20 packages. I had started a fire earlier and dropped a few blocks onto some hot coals. Wow! They lit pretty quick, no major smoke, just pure heat! We are very impressed with the Bio Blocks and plan on ordering a pallet as soon as we can afford it (provided pricing stays at $6.99 a package). I have observed that they do burn for around 4 hours. Being in plastic they store really well. Stacked 4 packs high, we can store much more inside now. We can also place the packages in our attic, and other places that we would have never put regular firewood. PLEASE DON’T CHANGE PRICING, those of us that have been unemployed for several months can’t afford the price gouging that is going on.

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