I have been heating my house for years. First with logs (and Gas) which I found the people would steal out of my backyard for their campfires. Then I used pellets which I could keep in the garage and no one could steal. They worked pretty good but then I found out about bio logs. My brother-in-law was using them and told me how well they worked. While I was glad they were working for him, you never know until you try them how they will work for you. I have an airtight stove with the stainless steel chimney both of which are all fuel but I’m always careful about the heat I put up the chimney. I did a lot of calling and checking in. It sounded good so I bought myself five bundles for a test. I am extremely happy with how they work. BIO BLOCKS are better than logs because they have a consistent burn rate and better than pellets because they last longer. Thank you so very much for this product. My wife is happy because they are a lot less messy.

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