I am a six year user of Bio Blocks! If you like clean, warm heat from your wood stove you should be using Bio Blocks. Being 73 years of age, I used to enjoy chopping and carrying my own wood; Cherry, Oak, Ash, you name it. I chopped it, lugged it from the splitting pile to the outside stacking area, then to the indoor stacking area, and finally to the woodstove. In 2014 that all came to a halt when I developed sciatica in my right leg caused by a pinched nerve in my back due to chopping wood.

I thought I would miss doing “my thing”, chopping, stacking, carrying, stacking, etc.! Oh, how wrong I was! I bought my first pallet of Bio Blocks after doing some research on various artificial log makers. I liked that it was made by using natural compressed sawdust with no chemical binders or wax.

If you want to protect your back, enjoy great heat, have a clean flue pipe, with no strange bugs running around next to your woodstove, then Bio Blocks are for you!

Save your back, you will wish you did!

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