Started using Bio Blocks a couple years back, after burning wood for over 30 years. I find they burn hot, less creosote, less mess packing wood in house, easy to store, less ash. I heat entire large house using a hot water boiler, and they work great!

BIO BLOCKS burn hot and long in small wood stove

I stopped at the Zoar Market to purchase some Bio-Blocks last night. They performed wonderfully in my stove! They burn very hot but also quite long…a welcome trait for a small wood stove such as mine. Should we ever adopt a wood-fired appliance in the kitchen at...
Impressed with Quality BIO BLOCK Products

Impressed with Quality BIO BLOCK Products

First and foremost, I apologize for not writing you folks earlier. I just wanted to express my gratitude for what your company does. I have used your products for 2 years, and am impressed. When this time in the year comes, I usually buy 2-3 packages of your Bio...

Warmth in a tiny house

In a search for alternative fuel for my cubic mini stove, I found bio-blocks. They have been an amazing addition to my heating needs. The size of each block fits perfectly in my cubic mini stove. Each bio-block lasts for a few hours, unlike regular wood. During cold...

High quality

I have used other blocks and have found that these bio blocks are the best. They are very tight. They don’t fall apart, and burn very nice. Much easier than wood.

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