Eco-Friendly Fuel for Wood Fired Ovens

Clean Consistent Convenient

  • Consistent size and shape – makes it easier for Chefs to achieve and maintain a high, even temperature.
  • Save on Labor. Low particulate and ash saves time on cleaning ovens.
  • Reduces frequency of chimney cleaning.
  • Safe for Cooking. No chemicals or glue added.
  • Economical. Burns hotter than traditional firewood, so less is needed.
  • Kiln-dried, hardwood sawdust compacted into blocks under high pressure.
  • 100% Recycled.Eco-friendly. No trees are harvested.
  • Clean & Convenient. No bugs or dirt.
  • Easy to Stack & Store in a dry location.
12 Pack of BIO BLOCK
Weight: 23 lbs.
96 BIO BLOCK Packs Per Pallet

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