There are four reasons to burn BIO BLOCKS that I will cover in this blog; Convenience, Consistency, Cleanliness and Cost. BIO BLOCKS are growing in popularity as people discover sawdust blocks and choose to burn them, instead of firewood, in their wood stoves, fireplaces, pizza ovens, fire pits and campfires.


Time is a premium in everyone’s lives! People who would rather enjoy summertime activities like camping or biking with their families, instead of cutting wood, appreciate the convenience of BIO BLOCKS! The first “time saver” in choosing BIO BLOCKS is not having to cut, split and stack wood. The 2nd “time saver” is not needing to wait 6 months for the wood to season properly before burning it. With a moisture content of less than 10%, BIO BLOCKS are ready to burn immediately. The 3rd “time saver” is being able to store BIO BLOCKS inside. It is not necessary to fight winter weather to get firewood when you can store BIO BLOCKS in your garage, basement, or house. Each pack is 11″ x 12″ x 5″ high. The packs are flat making them easy to stack. One pallet which consists of 88 packs (1 ton) takes much less space to store than one cord of firewood.  The 4th “time saver” is that you only need to clean ashes two or three times a season. BIO BLOCKS burn so hot and complete that minimal ash is created.


BIO BLOCKS are the same shape and size every time. This provides for such a consistent, reliable burn that Chef’s purchase BIO BLOCKS for their wood-fired pizza ovens! Our blocks are made from kiln-dried sawdust that is purchased from local businesses that process lumber.

There are three factors that contribute to making a consistent block.
  1.  Each BIO BLOCK contains a blend of hardwoods because we source our sawdust from several suppliers. This means that you will never purchase a pack of blocks one time that contains only Poplar, which burns quickly, and the next time, White Oak, which burns longer. The sawdust is carefully blended which results in a consistent burning block. The variety of hardwoods also produces a slight variation in the color of BIO BLOCKS. This is not a defect and will not affect the way BIO BLOCKS burn. It only shows that various hardwood species were used to produce BIO BLOCKS.
  2.  Our briquette presses are set to manufacture a tightly compacted block. This attributes to the long, hot burn that BIO BLOCKS produce. It is also the reason why customers tell us that BIO BLOCKS stay together longer than other blocks they have tried. It is also easier to tightly compress our size blocks which are 2 1/2″ x 6″ x 3 5/8″ than larger sawdust blocks.
  3. Quality control is a priority in our production even though BIO BLOCKS are a consumable product. I use BIO BLOCKS to heat my home and know from experience that I want a product I can rely on! That is why throughout our production each day, BIO BLOCKS are periodically weighed to ensure that they are the correct size.


The minute you purchase BIO BLOCKS at the store and load them in your vehicle, you will notice there is no comparison to taking firewood home! BIO BLOCK packs are clean and easy to transport in your car, truck or RV. It’s nice not to have to deal with bugs, spiders, bark or other dirt that comes from firewood. There is no risk of having mice or termites take residence in a stack of BIO BLOCKS like you may have with firewood.

Compressed sawdust blocks produce less smoke, ash and creosote than firewood. This makes them an environmentally friendly option. They are carbon-neutral which means that when burned, they emit the same amount of carbon that was consumed by the trees that they came from.


Did I save the best reason for last? If you are looking for a way to heat your home, that you can actually keep it as warm as you’d like, without breaking the bank, BIO BLOCKS may be just want you are looking for! BIO BLOCKS are more cost-effective than cordwood because they burn longer and hotter. The BTU value of one pallet (88 packs) is equal to one and one half cords of firewood.

I enjoy speaking with many people. Some find cutting firewood therapeutic but have either grown weary of the time involved, or realize that is not totally free either! There is a cost involved in purchasing a good saw, splitter, truck or trailer and the time it takes away from family and friends to process wood for heat. For these reasons, they have decided purchasing BIO BLOCKS is an economical choice for them.

If you decide to purchase a pallet of BIO BLOCKS you know the exact quantity that you are purchasing – 88 packs! Firewood that is purchased by the truckload, rick, or partial cord has the potential to not contain as much wood as advertised. It is also not economical to purchase wood that is not properly seasoned. It will be frustrating to light and more energy will be used to dry the wood (thus the crackling and snapping) than heat your home!

A secondary savings of burning BIO BLOCKS, instead of firewood, is less frequent chimney cleanings. While annual chimney inspections are important, because of minimal creosote produced by BIO BLOCKS, it should not be necessary to pay to have your chimney cleaned as often.

Wherever you live, you can experience the convenience of having a clean, eco-friendly product available to burn in your wood stove, fireplace, campfire, or fire pit.  The economics of burning a consistent product like BIO BLOCKS is beneficial in every season!




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