Heating with wood during the pandemic is very popular! A warm, cozy home is more important now then ever! More people are working from home, or taking classes online this winter. It used to be that the thermostat was turned down while the family was gone for the day. That all changed with the onset of COVID-19! We are all staying home more this winter and want a cozy space to live and play in!

Fuel Options

If you find that your firewood supply is running low from burning more frequently, you may want to consider BIO BLOCKS! This is an eco-friendly option to traditional firewood. Homeowners that have never used a compressed sawdust block, such as BIO BLOCKS, often buy a pack or two to burn with their firewood. This will help to stretch your firewood supply if you see that you are running low!

Another option is to burn ONLY BIO BLOCKS in your wood stove or fireplace. The first thing you will notice is how HOT BIO BLOCKS burn! The hardwood sawdust is compacted together tighter than firewood ever would be! This makes a solid block that provides a long, hot burn.

The second advantage to burning ONLY BIO BLOCKS is that it will save you time! There is less ash to clean when burning an environmentally friendly product. In fact, you may only clean ashes several times a heating season, instead of every couple of days! This gives you more time to help the children with their schoolwork or just relax!

The third advantage is how clean BIO BLOCKS are to store in your home. The blocks are shrink wrapped in packs that are 11″ x 12″ x 5″ high. They can be stored inside without concern of bringing ants into your home, or other critters that come in on firewood. In the winter, when the wind and snow blows, it’s especially nice to have your wood inside rather than going out in the frigid weather to get it!


If heating with BIO BLOCKS is a new concept to you, I’ll share a testimonial that I recently received from a customer in Kansas:

I hated my wood stove and the mess with wood and ashes. It’s been a rough relationship…I had to have firewood cut small or it wouldn’t fit, and would have to add a log every hour to keep it going. Bio Blocks are the answer to my prayers! Small but mighty, clean and green, ease of use and fast lighting! The few amount of ashes it produces, I can use in my garden. I’m in love with my wood stove again, and will have a cozy, EASY, warm fire going all winter! I will never use wood again.


The pandemic has brought more challenges than any of us could have imagined! It has given us time to evaluate our lives and what is really important. This could be a memorable winter for your family! This year you could spend more time playing games and reading books by the fire! Although we didn’t have a choice with COVID-19, we do have an affordable, convenient choice for how we spend our time and heat our homes!

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