Build a roaring BIO BLOCK fire in minutes for your holiday gathering! Everyone enjoys sitting around a cozy fire, however, it is often a challenge to light traditional firewood.  If you have never used compressed sawdust blocks, as a firewood alternative, I will give a few tips on how to achieve a fire in minutes!

The best arrangement is to place 8 BIO BLOCKS in two tepees, place a BIO BLOCK Fire Starter in the center, and ignite. Just like that your fire is lit! Adjust the draft depending on the desired effect. Let the draft open a little more if you would like more flame. To experience a longer burn, close the draft slightly to cut down on airflow. As the fire burns down, additional blocks may be added.

The number of BIO BLOCKS used to start a fire can be adjusted depending on the size of your firebox. In a smaller wood stove, one group of 4 – 6 BIO BLOCKS may be all that is needed initially. Each homeowner needs to be familiar with their wood stove, and how to adjust the airflow, to build a successful fire.

BIO BLOCKS vs. Wax Logs

Keep in mind that burning BIO BLOCKS will differ from burning wax logs, which are generally used just for ambiance.

We are often asked, “how long does one block burn?” You’ll never burn just one BIO BLOCK at a time! BIO BLOCKS need to be arranged in a group, much like you would arrange several pieces of wood.

Manufactured logs contain wax, or other additives, that assist in lighting and burning the log. Sometimes these additives may produce an odor when burning. Customers who choose BIO BLOCKS, are happy with the heat produced, in addition to enjoying the ambiance of a fire.

Unlike wax logs which must only be burned alone, firewood may be added to a BIO BLOCK fire if desired.

BIO BLOCKS vs. Traditional Firewood

This time of year we decorate our mantels with holiday greens. Christmas cards and Pinterest displays images of stockings hung by a roaring fire. While this is lovely to dream about, the reality in our lives may be quite different! Anyone that has ever had a wood stove, or wood burning fireplace in their home, knows that it can be a lot of work. Chopping, splitting and stacking the wood on time for it to season well is often a challenge! Keeping the ashes cleaned is dirty and time consuming. It may be time to exchange the dream of wood perfectly arranged in the fireplace, or wood stove, for an environmentally friendly option and one that simplifies life too!

If burning a manufactured block is new to you, in addition to following the instructions already given, there are several more advantages to consider. BIO BLOCK Firewood can be burned in the wood stove, wood burning fireplace or insert that you already have! It is not necessary to purchase a special stove. This means that BIO BLOCKS can be burned alone, or combined with firewood.

When lighting a BIO BLOCK fire, it is important that the blocks are ignited, and burning hot to prevent creosote build-up. Any wood burning fire has the potential for creosote to accumulate if it is not burning hot enough. However, the chance for creosote decreases dramatically with BIO BLOCKS. The moisture content in BIO BLOCKS is 8.5%, compared to 20% moisture in seasoned firewood.

BIO BLOCKS vs. Wood Pellets

Sawdust is the only ingredient in both sawdust bricks and pellets. The consistent size and shape takes the guesswork out of how to light a fire. As with any product, not all blocks or pellets on the market are created equal! The species of wood, in addition to how tightly the product is compacted, will effect how hot and long a fire will burn.

Two notable disadvantages of wood pellets, is that a special stove will need to be purchased to burn pellet fuel. The second disadvantage is that if the power goes out, the auger cannot operate without electricity leaving you without heat.


A BIO BLOCK Fire is easy to light with an understanding of how sawdust blocks differ from fuel that you have used in the past.  BIO BLOCKS provide convenience, heat, and ambiance all wrapped up in one package! BIO BLOCKS are truly Firewood Redefined!




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