The days are getting shorter as the nights are getting cooler. The weather is changing and children are heading back to school. All of a sudden we are very aware that Fall and Winter weather are right around the corner!  It’s time to plan for heating with BIO BLOCK Firewood.

Chimney Inspections

First on the list is to schedule a chimney inspection. Late Summer, or early Fall, is a good time to get this done before the heating season. According to The Chimney Safety Institute of America, chimneys should be inspected once a year. The inspection should include checking for soundness, freedom from deposits and correct clearances.

After an inspection, a chimney cleaning should be scheduled as needed. There are several factors to consider when deciding if it is time for a chimney cleaning. The frequency will vary depending on how often the fireplace or wood stove is being used.  If the chimney, or flue, has 1/8″ of sooty buildup, cleaning should be done immediately.

The accumulation of soot, or creosote, increases the possibility of having a chimney fire. Creosote buildup is more likely to occur when burning wood that is not properly seasoned. I only burn BIO BLOCKS in my Lopi wood stove. Every year our chimney is inspected, but there is not creosote present in our chimney. BIO BLOCKS burn hot and clean. Two of the contributing factors is the low moisture content of 8.5% and the fact that the kiln-dried sawdust is tightly compacted. A hot burning fire decreases the chance of an accumulation of creosote.

Regular inspections are important, but less frequent cleanings may be needed by burning compressed sawdust blocks. This is a benefit that wood briquettes offer which may be overlooked as a cost savings to homeowners.


Secondly, it is time to decide what will be the most economical, convenient way to heat your home.Iif you’re planning on heating with wood,the ideal time to make this decision is late Summer or early Fall. BIO BLOCK Firewood is readily available this time of year, making it a good time to stock up.

Homeowners are often surprised how hardwood briquettes “stack up” when compared to using traditional firewood. BIO BLOCK packs are clean and literally much easier to stack then round logs! Each pack is flat and weighs only 23 lbs. One pallet (ton) contains 88 packs, of 12 blocks per pack, which is equivalent to 1 1/2 cords of firewood. No bugs or dirt come into your house with BIO BLOCKS. It is easier to transport BIO BLOCKS now and carry them into your house before the snow is flying! Which reminds me, who likes to go out in windy, bitter cold, snowy weather to get wood?

BIO BLOCKS are easy to arrange in any size fire box. The captain of a boat called one day to tell me that he was burning BIO BLOCKS in his small wood stove on his boat!

I have heard from adult children who purchase BIO BLOCKS for their parents, as a gift, because they are easier to handle than wood. Indirectly, they are giving themselves a gift! Burning BIO BLOCKS as fuel, is a real time saver compared to burning firewood. BIO BLOCKS eliminate the need to cut, split or stack wood. Ashes do not need to be cleaned as frequently when burning BIO BLOCK Firewood.

BIO BLOCKS are an environmentally, responsible fuel option. No trees are harvested to manufacture BIO BLOCKS. The blocks generate low particulate emissions due to their high burn efficiency and density. The BTU’s of BIO BLOCK Firewood is 14 – 18 Mil. per ton compared to 8 – 12 Mil. per ton of firewood.

Wood Burning Stoves, Fireplaces or Furnaces

Hearth stores become increasingly busy as it gets cold. There are so many factors to consider when choosing a new heating source. One advantage of purchasing an appliance that burns wood, is that BIO BLOCK Firewood can be burned alone, or combined with wood. EPA rules have become more stringent and wood burning stoves have become more efficient. Choosing a renewable, clean burning option, like BIO BLOCKS, for fuel is being environmentally responsible.

Planning ahead for colder weather, can take a lot of stress out of your life! Scheduling a chimney inspection and stacking BIO BLOCKS inside, leaves only one thing left to do. Sit back, relax and enjoy the warmth when the winter weather arrives!







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