As the weather heats up in May, so do the grills! Interest in outdoor cooking, and grilling, is an area that continues to grow with consumers.

Why do people grill?

* Of all the grill and smoker owners surveyed, the top reasons are:

  • Flavor (72%)
  • Lifestyle (52%)
  • Entertainment (40%)
  • Convenience (33%)
  • Health (18%)

* Gas is the most popular grill type (64%), followed by charcoal (44%), then electric (9%).

Facts from the most recent HPBA “State of the Barbecue Industry” consumer survey – May 2019.

Grill with BIO BLOCK Firewood

With flavor at the top of the list for reasons to grill, choosing BIO BLOCKS as an alternative to charcoal, is an easy decision. For years, cooks have understood that cooking over wood impacts the flavor of food. There is absolutely nothing as delicious as food that has been cooked on a wood fire!

In addition to flavor, choosing an Eco-friendly fuel is a win for the environment too! Charcoal is made of charred granules processed from sawdust. It contains additives that may include coal, cornstarch, Borax, nitrate or lighter fluid. On the other hand, BIO BLOCK Firewood consist of 100% kiln-dried, hardwood sawdust.

BIO BLOCKS can be used to grill a traditional summer meal, like steaks, chicken, hamburgers or hot dogs. Or if your family enjoys cooking over a campfire, BIO BLOCKS can be used for Dutch Oven cooking, or campfire foil packets. Start the fire one or two hours before you are ready to cook. Once the flame dies down, cook over the remaining hot coals. In other words, BIO BLOCKS can be used for both grilling or outdoor cooking.

Portable BIO BLOCK Firepit

In addition to benefits to the environment and flavor, BIO BLOCKS, make it possible to experience the ambiance of a fire while waiting for the flame to burn down. After cooking or grilling, just throw on additional BIO BLOCKS, watch the fire reignite, sit back, relax and enjoy conversation with friends and family. Happy National Barbecue Month!

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