The official arrival of Spring on the calendar is always a welcomed sight!  Winter weather is still lingering in many parts of the country though, and the bitter cold is still fresh in our memories. This makes Spring a perfect time to put a game plan in place for how you would like to heat your home next winter. It’s easy to forget how miserable bone chilling wind, snow and ice is when it’s sweltering hot in the Summer!

If you usually spend your free time cutting, splitting and stacking wood, now is the time to decide if that is something that you want to continue. Firewood should be split and stacked at least 6 months before it is properly seasoned. This makes Spring the optimal time to start splitting firewood, so it is dry and ready to burn in October. Procrastination, or lack of time, means many people are sweating it out in the summer trying to cut enough wood for winter.

BIO BLOCK Firewood Provides an Easier Way

We have heard from many customers this year, that have discovered they have more time to do what they really want to do if they aren’t chopping firewood. BIO BLOCKS provide a clean, convenient way to experience the wonderful warmth of wood heat. Their popularity grows every year!  It is a good idea to purchase BIO BLOCKS before the weather changes in the Fall, when there is an ample supply.

When looking at the past heating season, there are a few other things to consider:

  • How often did you clean ashes out of your fireplace or stove? We heat our home only with BIO BLOCKS. This year we cleaned the ashes out of our wood stove two times. This is a huge time saver! It also means there is less dirt to clean up in the house.
  • Were you prepared for power outages due to ice and snow this winter?

Whether you burn occasionally, or rely on BIO BLOCKS as your primary heat source, planning ahead is key to staying warm and cozy next winter.


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