Compressed wood blocks burning in wood stove

Staying warm by a BIO BLOCK Fire

Temperatures have fallen to the freezing mark at night. Storms have already created power outages in some areas of the country. This means it’s high time to seriously consider what is the most convenient, economical way to heat your home. It is less stressful to be prepared for cold and winter storms before their arrival. You will make the best choice for your family when you are aware of all of your heating options.

In Europe, wood briquettes are very popular. Many countries are already enjoying the benefits of renewable energy. In the United States, the popularity of using alternative fuels is increasing. Consumers in the United States are beginning to understand the benefits of renewable energy as well. Wood chips and sawdust are common feed stock sources for biomass. Compressed sawdust blocks and wood pellets are both  produced from woody biomass.

Wood Pellets

Consumers that purchase a wood pellet stove often site the convenience of owning a self-feeding stove. However, the down side of a pellet stove, is that it has moving parts to maintain. Furthermore, the availability of pellets, and the fluctuation in pricing, varies greatly. A power outage takes away the advantage of a pellet stove’s self-feed option in a moment!

Compressed Sawdust Blocks

BIO BLOCKS are much like a large wood pellet, however, they are more versatile! A special stove is not required to burn compressed wood blocks. BIO BLOCKS can be used in your current wood stove, wood burning fireplace, or insert.

When burning BIO BLOCKS for the first time, you will be surprised by the amount of heat produced. Our secret is combining different species of kiln-dried, hardwoods and tightly compacting the sawdust.  The low moisture content of 8.5% is the reason why BIO BLOCKS burn hot and clean. A hot fire also lessons the chance of dangerous creosote build-up in your chimney. Another benefit you will experience from burning BIO BLOCKS, is that there are very few ashes. Instead of cleaning ashes, every day or two, you will clean ashes only two or three times a season. This gives you more time in your day for activities you really enjoy.

Alternative fuels, such as BIO BLOCK wood briquettes, provides your family with an economical source of heat. In conclusion, whether you burn 24/7, use BIO BLOCKS as a back-up plan, or enjoy a fire occasionally on a cold winter’s night, you’ll find that BIO BLOCKS are a cozy, convenient heating option for your family.

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