Are you dreading the frigid temperatures, chilling wind and wet snow that often comes with winter’s arrival in two weeks? Why not consider a new way of enjoying a fire this winter? A traditional wood fire provides heat, but the work involved with firewood is tiring.

First of all, putting boots on to go outside in the cold to get wood, quickly diminishes the fun of sitting by a warm, cozy fire. Secondly, spiders and ants will inevitably come in the house on wood. Finally, ashes must be cleaned every day or two, creating even more dirt!

There is a better way! BIO BLOCK Firewood is available in stores across the country. Wood briquettes provide a new way to enjoy a fire in a stove or fireplace. BIO BLOCKS are available by the pack, or by the pallet. Each pallet contains 88 packs, which is one ton. This is equivalent to one and one half cords of traditional firewood. The beauty of burning BIO BLOCKS, is that it must be stored inside. It is no longer necessary to go out in the bitter cold for wet firewood! BIO BLOCKS provide a hot, consistent fire, which produces little ash. This eliminates the stress and dirt from cleaning ashes so often.

With Christmas only three weeks away, who isn’t looking for a way to save time? Plan now to enjoy a warm, cozy fire with family and friends over the holidays. BIO BLOCK Firewood will provide the warmth and lifestyle that you’ve always dreamed of!

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