Did time get away from you this year? You really meant to cut firewood and now it’s officially the start of Autumn and you haven’t got it done. I cringe when I hear people talking about still cutting wood for winter. At this point, it is really too late to expect wood to season properly. One of the most common reasons people have trouble burning firewood, is that it is not dry. This causes creosote build up in the chimney, increasing the chance of a chimney fire. A lot of energy is lost trying to burn wood that is too high in moisture content.

BIO BLOCK Firewood is so convenient for any lifestyle! If you have cut firewood for years, you know how many times you handle it, till you chop it, split it, and stack it – sometimes several times! If you have a younger family, getting enough wood put away for winter can take time away from family activities. Burning BIO BLOCKS is an easy, stress-free way to keep your home warm without a huge time commitment.

According to a study from the University of Buffalo, the moisture content in BIO BLOCKS is only 8.5%. This is why it burns so hot and produces very few ashes. We heat 24/7 in our home and clean ashes 2 – 3 times a year – another time saver!

In our area, the weather is abnormally warm this fall. It is easy to forget how miserable it will be to go out in freezing temperatures, in wind and snow to get wet wood. I really enjoy having BIO BLOCKS stacked in my garage during the heating season. One pallet of BIO BLOCKS (1 ton) does not take up much space. It’s so convenient to have BIO BLOCKS stored inside.

Compared to traditional cordwood, BIO BLOCKS are very clean. I never have to worry about mice hiding in my BIO BLOCKS in the garage or insects coming in the house like you do with firewood. Obviously, there is not bark and mold on BIO BLOCKS either! All of our blocks go through a tumbler after being tightly compressed, which shakes off any extra sawdust.

If you have never burned BIO BLOCKS before, why don’t you try a few 12 packs? People that have used them, often tell me they will never go back to firewood or another brand of compressed blocks again. I often hear how happy they are with the consistent burn that BIO BLOCKS provide. If you heat your home with a wood burner, you may want to purchase a pallet of BIO BLOCKS (1 ton) which is equavalent to 1 1/2 cords of firewood. This is the time of year to plan what you will heat with this winter and stock up, while BIO BLOCKS are plentiful, before the winter months.

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