Let’s face it! We all love to sit around a cozy fire on a cold winter evening but who wants to spend half of the evening getting a fire started? I’ll offer a few suggestions on how to start a fire with firewood and/or BIO BLOCKS.

I have found the simplest way to start a fire with BIO BLOCKS is to follow a few easy steps:

  1. Open your flue completely, allowing for good air flow.
  2. Build a pyramid with four BIO BLOCKS, as shown in the picture.
  3. Build a second pyramid in front of the first one, leaving a 1″ space between pyramids.
  4. Cut a BIO BLOCK Fire Starter into four pieces. Take one piece and place it in the middle of the pyramid.
  5. Light the fire starter.

After the BIO BLOCKS are burning, and you have a cozy fire established, cut your air flow so the BIO BLOCKS continue to maintain a flame but do not burn too hot. (Keep blocks away from glass door since they will expand) It’s important to give your fire enough air to allow for a slow, steady burn.

The last four BIO BLOCKS in your pack of 12 may be added in several hours, if you would like to keep your fire flaming. It is amazing how BIO BLOCKS radiate heat, and hold together like hot coals, even after the flame dies down.

If you already have firewood and would like to mix BIO BLOCKS in, for additional heat, I suggest following the steps above. Once you have a fire established, you can place firewood on top of the BIO BLOCKS.

All it takes is one 12 pack of BIO BLOCKS and one BIO BLOCK Fire Starter and you have all you need for a warm, cozy fire on a cold, winter evening!

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