With the nights getting cooler, it is a good time to think about stocking up on BIO BLOCKS to use in your fire pit, fireplace, wood stove or wood insert. BIO BLOCKS can be used alone or as a supplement to firewood. A man told me last week a snake came in with his firewood! We all want the warmth of wood heat but I don’t think anyone cares for the snakes, ants, spiders and dirt that come in our homes with firewood! BIO BLOCKS, which some people call compressed firewood, are a great way to achieve the warmth without the work and mess!

We have a good supply of BIO BLOCKS now, so this is a good time to stock up before the snow blows! (Remember to always store them in a dry location) For your convenience, we have added more dealers to our network. To find a dealer close to you, go to our dealer locator page and enter your zip code.

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