Ever since I was at the Dutch Oven Gathering in Wayne County Ohio last year, I wanted to try Dutch Oven cooking. We bought a 12″ LODGE Dutch Oven at Hartville Hardware’s beautiful new store during their open house. I tried the cheesy potato recipe and a peach cobbler from the recipe book that came with our Dutch Oven. I found that the 12″ oven fits perfectly in our BIO BLOCK Fire pit. Be sure to start your fire an hour or so before you want to cook. Once the BIO BLOCKS have burned down and look like charcoal, carefully remove several blocks, place your Dutch Oven in the fire pit, and place several chunks of the charcoal blocks on the lid like you would with traditional charcoal. You will need to watch your food closely, and shorten the cooking time, because BIO BLOCKS burn very hot so your food will be ready sooner then the recipe may indicate!

A question that I am often asked – Is it safe to cook with BIO BLOCKS? Most certainly! BIO BLOCKS are compressed with pressure so we do not add glue or anything else to hold them together. I think food tastes so much better when cooked over a wood fire!

Labor Day is less then two weeks away, so get ready for the long weekend with a good supply of BIO BLOCKS! Enjoy your cookout!

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